For Parents


The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that due process occurs, including meeting the rights of fairness and natural justice. Parents and caregivers will be made aware of this procedure at least annually.

· Concerns (as distinct from formal complaints) will be discussed informally with the teacher concerned wherever possible in the first instance.

· In order for both parties to give the matter full attention, arranging a time to discuss the matter is the preferred option. It is not advisable for a parent/caregiver to approach a  teacher with a complaint in class time or in a location lacking privacy. Should this situation occur, the teacher will ask the parent/caregiver to arrange more  appropriate location and time.

· Teachers will inform their Syndicate Leader that a concern has been raised and inform them of the actions they intend to take to deal with it.

· When dealing with a concern, a teacher may wish to have their Syndicate Leader or  Principal present.

· Where a complaint by a parent/caregiver cannot be resolved or the matter has  not been resolved to the parents/caregiver’s satisfaction, then they shall be advised that they can refer the complaint to the principal.  Recording details of this will be at the principal’s  discretion.

· Where the principal is unable to resolve the  complaint after discussion with both parent/caregiver and staff member concerned, then any parties may refer the matter in writing to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees.

The Board needs to formally receive a complaint in writing in order to act on it.  If you have  concerns about expressing the matter clearly in writing please discuss the matter in confidence with the Board Chair (or another delegated board member) to enable them to assist you with this.