For Parents

How We Behave at St Theresa's

Appropriate student behaviour is that which is modelled on and reflects the school's Gospel values of






The real reward for positive behaviour should always emphasise intrinsic reward, especially as children mature. Children at St Theresa's Catholic School are learning to do the right thing because it is in keeping with Gospel values and it is the best thing to do.

 St Theresa's Catholic School has an expectation that each child will live by the school's Gospel values. Strong emphasis is given to focusing on, acknowledging and celebrating this behaviour. 

Each classroom has their own Treaty based on the school's Gospel values that teacher and students together establish at the beginning of the new school year. Class celebrations are decided upon by teacher with the students of the class.

School wide acknowledgement and celebration of behaviour in keeping with school Gospel value

Spark of God        Children who have been standing out for their positive behaviour (particularly that reflects the current focus) are selected by their teacher to receive a Spark of God Award.

·         Certificates are presented and acknowledged at school Assembly.  

·         Each week a group photo of the Sparks is published on the foyer wall and in the newsletter.

·         Teachers maintain the list of the children who have already been awarded a Spark certificate (on computer) so that they are aware of who has and hasn't received a Spark award. However, this award must be earned and no child has a right to the certificate. "It's my child's turn to have the award because s/he hasn't had it all year," is not a valid argument.