For Parents

 Reporting to Parents:


The school reports to parents:

Reporting will cover areas of spiritual, academic, physical, social and behavioural development and will follow the following annual formal reporting cycle: 

Reporting on the achievement of individual students to their parents

All Year 0 and 1 students will have interviews and written reports

§ After 6 weeks at school

§ After 6 months at school

§ After 1 year at school

§ Some of the oldest Year 1 students who have been at school 16-18 months may also receive a full end of year report in December

From Year 2 onwards students will fall into the following cycle:

Term 1

 All parents/caregivers will be given the opportunity to formally meet the teachers in the first term in an interview with the child present to confirm goals for Term 1 and 2. The expectation is that all parents and their children will attend these interviews. 

End of Term 2

Interim Written Report on achievement/progress against National Standards and Mid Year 3- way Interview. At this interview teachers will report the child’s progress and achievement against the school and national standards. Goals set in February will be reviewed. Next steps for learning will be set for the second half of the year based on achievement in the first half with the child, supported by the teacher and the parent/caregiver. 

End of Term 4

A full written summative report on achievement/progress against National Standards and other curriculum areas including  Key Competencies will go out at the end of each year. 

Informal Reporting Times


Parent Information Evenings