Board of Trustees

Board Members

Here are the current Board of Trustees members of St Theresa's School.

John Mallon

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John is the Chairperson as well as a Proprietor's Appointee.

Donna McDonald

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Donna is the Principal.

Fr. Maurice Carmody

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Fr. Maurice is our Parish Priest.

Damian McBride

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Damian joined the Board in 2014 as Parent Representative. He has now been appointed as a Proprietor's Appointee.

Mike Tohill

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Mike is an elected Parent Representative who joined the BOT in June, 2016.

Trish Fitzsimons

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Trish is the Staff Representative.

Gail Saipani

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Gail is a selected Parent Representative on the Board.

Dele Oluwole

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Dele was elected to the Board in November, 2017.

Tafaoali'i Tuna Talamaivao

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Tafaoali'i Tuna is a selected Parent Representative on the Board.

Jenny Jermy

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Jenny is a selected Board member.

Laurie Smith

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Laurie is a Proprietor's Appointee on the Board.