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St. Theresa's is very proud of its uniform and it is expected that children will wear the uniform correctly at all times. This includes both coming to school and leaving school each day.

Winter Uniform                                             Sports Uniform




Girls – Winter

 Regulation pinafore

 Short or long-sleeved white blouse                          

 Navy wool v-neck jersey with school logo                

 Knee length navy socks with maroon stripe or  navy tights      .

 Black leather school shoes (see below)  


 Girls - Summer

Same as winter uniform except for:

                Plain white blouse - open-neck, short or long sleeves

                Black sandals solely of that colour, with ankle strap (see below) or shoes and socks

                Regulation plain dark blue bucket sunhat.


Boys - Winter                                                                           

 Navy lined shorts                                                                   

 Short or long-sleeved blue pin-striped shirt                          

 Navy wool v-neck jersey with school logo                

 Knee length navy socks with maroon stripe         .

 Black leather school shoes (see below)  


Boys – Summer

Navy  lined shorts

Short or long-sleeved blue pin-striped shirt

Navy wool v-neck jersey with school logo

Regulation plain dark blue bucket sunhat

Simple black sandals with ankle strap or shoes and socks



If children wish to wear winter headwear which is optional, it needs to be plain navy blue.


 Last two weeks of Term 1 only

If a child has worn out their summer sandals, they may wear  winter uniform footwear for the last two weeks of the term.

Last two weeks of Term 3 only

If a child has worn out their winter shoes, they may wear the summer uniform footwear for the last two weeks of the term.

All formal occasions required full and correct school uniform – weekly assembly, Mass/liturgies, powhiri, class/school visits out of the school, when other schools visit, whenever our school is represented.             

A St Theresa's Catholic School Sports Uniform  is worn by both girls and boys for physical education and sport, in addition to suitable sports shoes.  It is not compulsory for Year 1 students.

If girls choose to wear their PE shorts under their uniform they must not be seen below their tunic. 

Uniform items are available for purchase through Chapman Uniforms.


All articles of clothing are to be clearly named

Anything worn under the uniform (e.g. thermals) must not be visible.

Finger and toe nails are to be short and free of nail polish

Jewellery is restricted to small plain gold or silver ear studs and a plain watch. 

Hair ribbons and clips should match the uniform (navy, black, burgundy).

Hair, if longer than shoulder-length, must be tied back and clipped off face.

Dyed hair, dreadlocks and beaded hair are not permitted.

Makeup  No makeup is to be worn (this includes hair mascara, etc.).




Plain black leather or leather-look shoes. They can be lace up or have a strap over the arch. Black trainers, ballet flats and  pull-on boots are NOT acceptable.  The following are examples of acceptable footwear:




Plain black leather sandals with a back strap and a strap over the foot. The following are examples of acceptable summer footwear.